Inversina Tumbler Mixer

High-performance motion mixer for the most difficult of mixing tasks

  • The Inversina Tumbler Mixer uses three-dimension inversion kinematics, otherwise known as the Paul Schatz principle to homogeneously mix solids, liquids, suspensions, and particles of any size, sheer, viscosity, or weight. By gentle treatment of the ingredients, it solves the toughest mixing problems in no time with resulting high-quality mixtures of no segregation.
  • The only tumbler mixer of its kind, the Inversina has been used in a variety of industries covering: pharmaceutical production, food processing, ceramics, pigments, battery fabrication, chemical and synthetic materials, and homeopathic name a few
  • Please take a look at our various models of the Inversina mixer seen below to learn more and decide which is the best fit for you:

  • Manual Inversina
  • Inversina 2L
  • Inversina Tumbler Mixer–20L
  • Inversina 50...350L
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