BiO●CoMPONENTS™ Inversina 50...350L

Electric Inversina Tumbler Mixer up to 350L Volume

The Inversina is a high-performance tumbler mixer that homogenizes powders, solids, liquids, suspensions, and particles of any size, sheer, viscosity, or weight in no time through gentle treatment of the ingredients. Using three-dimension inversion kinematics, otherwise known as the Paul Schatz principle, the Inversina has been used in a variety of industries to date.


  • Our production-size Inversina’s are available in 50L, 100L and 350L capacity
  • Two motors, one on each axis, ensure smooth, silent and reliable mixing in 24/7 production processes
  • A Siemens® PLC allows for continuous adjustment of speed. The built-in timer allows you to enter desired mixing time and revolutions per minute, after which the Inversina will automatically stop when completed.
  • Other options, such as alternative PLC / touch screen, thermal printer, or ethernet connection - are available on request
  • For operator safety, we recommend a flexible enclosure around the mixer that ensures easy access while loading, but also ensures that the machine immediately shuts off when accessed while running
  • Available with standard 316L stainless steel drums. We are also happy to adjust the container fixture to fit any existing, customer-specific drums.
  • Smooth surfaces allow for fast and easy cleaning. We also offer a cGMP / clean room option.
  • Please download our data sheet for more information, or contact us to learn more and even request a quote
  • Please also visit for further detailed technical information, popular applications, and testimonials of current customers
  • Please download our data sheet for more information, or contact us to learn more or request a quote


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