BiO●CoMPONENTS™ Sampling Valve

Sterile & repeated sampling made easy

The steam-sterilizable sampling valve provides a tool for taking sterile samples without risk of contamination. With a variety of models and options, the sampling valve is a user-friendly solution to any sampling process needs in a way that is both cost-effective and highly flexible.


  • Only uses o-rings as seals with no additional seals needed, saving long-term costs
  • Very small seal diameter lessens the risk of any cleaning issues
  • Automatically or manually activated

Popular Applications

  • Ideal for when companies have more than one process in the same tank/vessel and require the ability to sample often.
  • Can be substituted into any tank that has already been built if end-user is currently unhappy with their sampling ability and would like more flexibility and less long-term costs


  • Connections: TriClamp, Sterile Union, or Weld Ends
  • Vessel flanges: DN25 Ingold Port, horizontal

Models, options

  • Pneumatic or manual actuation
  • Various In/Outlet configurations
  • Accessories (bottles, sterile cross, steam trap, etc) available
  • Please contact us to learn more

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