Dynamically designed CIP Lance – superior to your average spray-ball

The RotaCIP is a rotating spray nozzle, which is more effective than your typical spray-ball with regards to range, reliability, validity, and overall design. Mainly built for the cleaning inside vessels/tanks, the RotaCIP is an ideal complement for any CIP efforts you may have, as it is operator friendly and highly suitable for the cGMP environment.


  • Rotation allows spray shadows of internal components to be wetted
  • Minimum volume flow rate
  • No drive necessary – motions on repulsion of cleaning solution
  • Self-cleaning for easy handling
  • Can be easily validated with magnetic motion sensor
  • May be applied to vessels individually, manifold, or in addition to other static or dynamic CIP components. Recommended as accompaniment to BiOENGiNEERiNG Jet CIP Valve

Popular Applications

  • RotaCIP should be positioned in a way to allow for cleaning of every connection or component in the vessel. Position and number of RotaCIP’s depends on vessel dimensions, holes, built-in- and external components
  • Cleaning of areas where higher degree of rotation would help in order to wet multiple areas internally – all in en easily validated way


  • vertical position inside the vessel
  • Vessel flanges: Sterile Union, Pad Flange, or Tri-Clamp

Models, Options:

  • Various nozzle/rotating arm length configurations available (see data sheet 0537-07)
  • Speed control (optional, all models)
  • Please download our data sheet for more information, or contact us to learn more or request a quote


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