Retractable CIP Spray Nozzle – completely eliminates spray shadows

Originally developed by BiOENGiNEERiNG AG in Switzerland as a bioreactor accessory to clean cell culture impellers from the bottom without introducing additional surface to the tank, the Jet CIP Valve has since been used in a variety of critical cleaning applications and enjoys growing popularity for both new projects and revamping jobs all around the world.


  • Thoroughly sprays impellers’ bottom side or other areas from below where spray balls cannot reach
  • Disappears flush with vessel wall when inactive
  • Position indicator gives feedback to PLC / Fieldbus
  • For vessels of up to 8m in diameter

Popular Applications

  • Elimination of spray shadows at bottom of impeller (such as marine, elephant ear, rushton, pitched-blade, Lightnin A315, and others)
  • Cleaning of areas where increased impact is needed (for example below side mounted vessel installations that block spray ball coverage)
  • Used by 6 of the top 10 pharma companies in 2012!


  • Connections: Vessel flange, inlet, outlet, air inlet, position indicator (optional)
  • Vessel flanges: weld-in, Ingold or NA connect flange
  • In-/Outlet: Tri-Clamp, sterile unions or weld connections, ASTM or ISO dimensions
  • Two valve body sizes and various spray patterns available

Models, Options:

  • Ingold Version, 25mm or 50mm nozzle size (see data sheet 0540-04)
  • NA Connect version, 25mm or 50mm nozzle size (see data sheet 0540-05)
  • Position indicator (optional, all models)
  • Full cone or flat jet nozzle, various spray angles, spray patterns, and flow rates
  • Please download our data sheet for more information, or contact us to learn more or request a quote

DOWNLOAD PDF (Jet CIP Valve Ingold)
DOWNLOAD PDF (Jet CIP Valve NA Connect)
DOWNLOAD PDF (Weld in flange Tri Clamp)
DOWNLOAD PDF (Ingold nozzle DN25)
DOWNLOAD PDF (Jet CIP valve Ingold flange)
DOWNLOAD PDF (Weld in flange DN50)
DOWNLOAD PDF (Jet CIP valve Tri Clamp)

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