BiO●CoMPONENTS™ Cup Hermann

cGMP compliant dust-free powder transfer system

The Cup Hermann Powder Transfer System is a simple and operator-friendly device for dust-free, non-aseptic powder transfer. Available in 10L and 20L volumes, it can be adapted for virtually any flange (Tri-Clamp, Bayonet, custom manhole/handhole or even sight glass connections).


  • Significantly reduces dusting in manual powder transfer applications
  • Solid and durable stainless steel construction, easy to operate even for single person
  • Significantly lighter, more user-friendly and much more economical than aseptic powder transfer systems
  • More cost-effective and operator-friendly than plastic bag / tri-clamp powder transfer solutions. Ability to use existing particle container bags.
  • Optional safety bolt system prevents opening of vessel when under pressure
  • Wide range of existing connecting pieces available, or can be adapted for custom flanges
  • Currently utilized by as many as 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world!

Popular Applications

  • Dust-free transfer of nutrients to a fermentation vessel
  • Addition of powders to enhance media before sterilization
  • Industrial applications: dust reduction in ink/printing, chemical processing, ceramics, metallic powders, and many more…


  • Tri Clamp Flanges, 3.5” and larger
  • Bayonet Connectors: DN95 and larger
  • Can be made to fit on virtually any flange with custom adapters

Models, Options:

  • 10L or 20L volume
  • Tri-Clamp Connection (3.5” or 5” on stock, other sizes available on request)
  • Bayonet Connection (DN95, DN150)
  • Accessories: Weld-in flanges, Sight glasses, blind plugs, pressure-safe bayonet sight glass
  • See data sheet 0540-09 for more information
  • Please download our data sheet for more information, or contact us to learn more or request a quote


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