Automated and efficient cleaning system for the resourceful-minded

The CIP Mobile system is innovatively designed for the fully automated cleaning-in-place of plants via a connection of energies - allowing valuable savings in cost, space, and time for the end-user. No matter what industry, the CIP Mobile is easy-to-use, economical and allows for a fully-validated cleaning process laid out in a very intuitive manner.


  • Ideal to clean piping, vessels and process skids up to 1500L in volume
  • Fully automated with our powerful SCADA software system, allowing for easy and reproducible step-by-step control with no previous programming knowledge necessary
  • Powerful data collection, analysis and report building tools
  • Flexible piping allows for maximum efficiency with regards to layout and placement of CIP Mobile in plant
  • Small footprint and mobility allows you to move the compact system, as you see fit
  • Conductivity measurement ensures validation of final rinse
  • Includes 2 x 200L containers for holding of rinsing water and CIP solution of choice, each container comes equipped with its own spray ball guaranteeing completely clean conditions
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