BiO●CoMPONENTS™ Bayonet Sight Glass

Dynamically designed CIP Lance – superior to your average spray-ball

The RotaCIP is a rotating spray nozzle, which is more effective than your typical spray-ball with regards to range, reliability, validity, and overall design. Mainly built for the cleaning inside vessels/tanks, the RotaCIP is an ideal complement for any CIP efforts you may have, as it is operator friendly and highly suitable for the cGMP environment.


  • Maximum viewing area/diameter ratio
  • Safe & simple operation – the sight glass can be opened/closed by just one person with 1/8 of a turn and does not require any tools to operate
  • Optional locking bolt indicating if pressure is still present inside the vessel and thus not allowing one to open the sight glass, which increases operator safety
  • Design allows for easy ability to clean.
  • Safety switch optional

Popular Applications

  • Perfect for needs where tri-clamp solutions are not getting the job done due to cleaning, validity, or operator issues
  • Ideal complement to our Cup-Hermann product, as the sight glass becomes an open handhole when it is opened – thus allowing for easy connection of the Cup-Hermann with Bayonet Connector


  • Within torospherical covers, locked in place usually inside the cover in a welded flange with locking bolts or in flat covers with diameters up to 500mm
  • Weld-in flanges, DN58 or DN95 available

Models, Options:

  • Bayonet Connection (DN58, DN95)
  • Option: Pressure safety bolt
  • Option: Safety switch indicating if Bayonet sight glass is open or closed.
  • See data sheet 0820-01 for more information
  • Please download our data sheet for more information, or contact us to learn more or request a quote


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