RALF (2L, 3.7L, 5L, 6.7L)

Bioengineering RALF for Cell Culture or Microbial Fermentation The ultimate standard for autoclaveable benchtop bioreactors & fermentors

  • Rounded-bottom autoclavable laboratory fermentor/bioreactor
  • Comes in two models: Most economic (RALF Basic) or highest flexibility (RALF Advanced)
  • A compact, modular design reduces space requirements in your lab and ensures immediate accessibility of all parts (180° rotation of control tower)
  • Unlimited options for pumps and gas lines
  • Made in Switzerland and of an absolutely impeccable quality
  • Can do cell and microbial culture in the same reactor due to free configuration of gas lines
  • Comes with the most comprehensive bioprocess management software: BioSCADA Ralf includes complete process automation, recipe features, audit trail, access level management, batch reporting, and various other advanced features. BioSCADA comes with every RALF at no extra charge and requires no prior fermentation or programming knowledge
  • Free I/O modules for external devices such as exhalyzers, VOC, probes, etc
  • Features a standard 2 year warranty
  • Turn-key system available from stock within 2 weeks.
  • Please contact us or go to www.mybioreactor.com to learn more or request a quote!

BiOENGiNEERiNG, INC. is the USA subsidiary of BiOENGiNEERiNG AG.
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