P (100, 150, 200, 300, 450, 750, 1000L)

The pilot-scale fermentor for production perfection

  • Bioengineering’s production scale fermentor/bioreactor
  • Bioengineering’s P fermentor/ bioreactor’s open-frame construction allows for easy installation, maintenance and accessibility of all parts.
  • The P’s modular control system allows for fast and easy process changes
  • Custom design specifications and advanced options, such as mobile clean-in-place skids, lid lifting devices, integration into an existing production process, use of custom components are possible
  • Custom programming and automation capability eg Delta V
  • We ship, commission, and service systems anywhere in the world and provide strong aftersales support even decades after the initial installation.
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BiOENGiNEERiNG, INC. is the USA subsidiary of BiOENGiNEERiNG AG.
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